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Nutrition, Performance
and health.

"Eating is not just energy, it deserves to be enjoyed and doing it well is an art."


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Who I am?

I am Luis Rodríguez, I am 31 years old and I am from Malaga.

I could define myself as a climber and lover of life.

I have been climbing for more than 10 years.

Since I started practicing this sport or way of life, I started researching on nutrition.

. . .

The completion of my studies allowed me to shape all the experiments that I had tried with my body and, as a result of that, I created my way of working:


80% science & 20% magic


Tips & Recipes

In this section you will find some free recipes that will be useful in your climbing life.

And also, entries written by me, where I will try to capture my ideas and knowledge, both in nutrition and climbing.

Pelle Bollo
Personalized Nutrition


I offer different services, thus adapting to the particular needs of each person.

Sport Nutrition

Vegan and Vegetarian Nutrition

Nutritional Coaching

Weight Gain and Loss

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