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I am Luis Rodríguez, I am 31 years old and I am from Malaga.

I could define myself as a climber and lover of life.


I have been climbing for more than 10 years.

Since I started practicing this sport or way of life, I started researching on nutrition, since my weight was excessively high (82kg) due to the sport I practiced (weight lifting).

I realized that the weight-to-force ratio was important in climbing.


I did crazy things of all kinds, based on recommendations that perhaps were scientifically based, but they were not focused on me or on the sport that I practice.

When I finally put myself in the hands of nutrition professionals, my life changed. It made me realize the great importance that food has in our life, and even more so when we are athletes.


Due to that, with the passage of time, I decided to direct my professional career to nutrition, and I studied the Higher Technician in Dietetics. That allowed me to understand all those recommendations that I had read and experienced - in my own body - about nutrition. And I realized that each body is different, and requires certain needs, and each sport is also different and needs specific recommendations.

"Not all dietary recommendations are applicable to all sports"  


The completion of my studies allowed me to shape all the experiments that I had tried with my body and, as a result of that, I created my way of working:


80% science & 20% magic


My interest in nutrition has only just begun. This last year I have trained in a Master in Sports Nutrition in order to understand how the body works when we submit it to different types of physical exercise and to be able to apply that knowledge about nutrition.

My passion for the human body has made me interested in anthropometry (scientific discipline that studies the measurements of the human body), and I have been instructed in the ISAK (International Society for the Advancement of Kinantropometry), in order to measure the composition of the body. And in this way, to be able to see how the composition changes as lifestyle, nutrition, and physical activity change, and to understand why some become sports talents and others do not.

"If you want to go to the Olympics, choose your parents well"


I consider myself a person who likes to set goals and achieve them.

Now my great motivation is to help others to set goals and give them tools to achieve them.